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Jim Froling scores ARCA DTS Street Stock “A” feature

Jim Froling of West Bloomfield, Mich  scored an emotional win the in the Brian Pelkey owned #26 on the “Tribute to Wayne Pelkey Night” in honor of Brian’s dad. It was a laborous route to the Monroe Asphalt Winner’s Circle as the #26 car was severely damaged in a garage fire last year

For Froling, he started out racing Street Stocks, but transitioned to the Late Model Sportsman division many years ago. It was his first win in Street Stocks in nearly 20 years or so.

Heat races were won by Froling,, Clarity Patton,  and Kyle Worley

Top 10 finishers

  1. Jim Froling #26
  2. Rob Randa #67
  3. Grant Hedges #48
  4. Dan Ford Jr #99
  5. Ray Morneau Jr #03
  6. Greg Studt #33
  7. Rob Moore Jr #81
  8. Dave Liaeff #28
  9. Jeff Metdepenningen #78
  10. Clarity Patton #22

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Justin Schroeder wins Flat Rock ARCA Gold Cup Late Model feature

2017 track champion Justin Schroeder from Canton, Mich won the 75 lap ARCA Gold Cup Late Model feature on July 7 over Jeff Vrsek.

It was Vrsek’s best ever finish as the Carleton driver led 55 laps after starting on the front row.  Schroeder set quick time at 11.866

Top 10 finishers

  1. Justin Schroeder #4
  2. Jeff Vrsek #20
  3. Jimmy Thiel #09
  4. Stan Yee Jr #33
  5. Craig Everage #101
  6. Paul Pelletier #44
  7. Joe Hawes #53
  8. Chris Benson #51
  9. Jeff Plumb #66
  10. Terry Bogusz Jr #71

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Dennis Whisman Sr sweeps ARCA Victory Lane Quick Oil Change Figure 8 feature races

Dennis Whisman Sr had a dream weekend winning at Toledo on Friday night followed by a win at Flat Rock on Saturday

Top 10  Flat Rock finishers;

  1. Dennis Whisman Sr #1
  2. Bill Earley #09
  3. Ethen Lambert #03
  4. Scott Apperson #21
  5. Eugene Worden #8
  6. Dennis Whisman Jr #2
  7. Jeremy Miller #52
  8. Dave Lambert #02
  9. Travis Earley #06
  10. David Katafiasz #12

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Tom O’Leary IV scores Flat Rock win in LM Sportsman

Tom O’Leary IV from Cygnet, Ohio scored his third win at Flat Rock Speedway on July 14 in ARCA Aramark late Model Sportsman

Jim Froling set quick time with a lap of  13.462. Heat race winners were Howard Kelley Jr and O’Leary

Top 10 finishers

  1. Tom O’Leary IV #8
  2. Howard Kelley Jr #11
  3. Jim Froling #46
  4. Kent McCloskey #2
  5. Greg Stilwell Jr #47
  6. Landon Schuster #118
  7. Craig Osenbaugh #18
  8. Andy Harding #78
  9. Robert Meiring #57
  10. Dan Grigsby #711

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Wilburn Parks takes ARCA DTS Street Stock “B” Feature

Wilburn Parks  won the 15 lap ARCA DTS Street Stock “B” feature over Anthony Camilli and  LJ Farmer

Heat races were won by Scot Bunge and Trevor Farmer

Top 10 finishers;

  1. Wilburn Parks #56
  2. Anthony Camilli #13
  3. LJ Farmer #85
  4. Ian Jezylo #00
  5. Rich Abel #50
  6. Johnny Rangel #45
  7. Dillon Zalenski #0
  8. Aaron Greathouse #38
  9. Scot Bunge #9
  10. Trevor Farmer #87

Photo gallery below; all photos available for purchase

Flat Rock’s Dan Dow Named 2014 Mechanic of the Year

Dan Dow was named as a co-winner of the 2014 Mechanic of the Year, along with Butch Dowker, by the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club. Dan, who wrenches on several cars in the Flat Rock Speedway DTS Street Stock division, was honored at the MARFC 49th Annual Banquet on January 17, 2015.

He builds engines, and helps out wherever he is needed, on the cars of his sons, Rob and Tim Moore, plus the cars of Guy Fire, Gary Calhoun and Aaron Greathouse.  Rob won the 2014 “A” championship to match the one Tim won in 2011, while Guy Fire and Aaron Greathouse also joined Rob and Tim as feature winners this last season.

Congratulations Dan!