Rayce Metdepenningen grabs the win in The Vault Antiques & Treasures ARCA Enduro 250

Rayce Metdepenningen won the opening round of The Vault Antiques and Treasures ARCA Enduro 250 by pacing himself for the fist half of the grueling feature and coming on strong in the 2nd half. It was a three way battle near the end between Rayce, his brother Kyle, and Derrick Sheppard. Sheppard’s day was cut short on lap 225 when he lost a wheel causing Cody Remick #19 to get airborne in a spectacular incident. The two drivers were OK.

Rayce also set fast time at 13.813

Top 10 finishers

  1.  Rayce Metdepenningen   #4
  2.  Kyle Metdepenningen #1
  3.  Nathan Sprotberry #7
  4.  Robb Remick   #3
  5.  Justin Chamberlin  #55
  6.  Steve Smith #23
  7. Jimmy Rae  #14
  8.  Derrick Sheppard #2
  9.  Tadek Stadniczuk  #20
  10.  Dale Buttrey #70

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